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As a speech language pathologist, your job is to help those with developmental disorders or injuries to develop communication skills to improve their quality of life. A speech language pathologist will meet with the child and their parents, then evaluate and diagnose specific communication difficulties. After diagnosis, a treatment plan is created in order to maximize communication improvement.

Speech Therapy and Early Intervention

As a young child, communicating to others is hard enough, so imagine what children with developmental delays are experiencing when their delay prevents them from cultivating proper communication skills. The most important years for brain development, and thus communication skills, are birth to three. Through early intervention, communication skills are developed in order to properly communicate as the child grows.

Sunny Days provides home-based speech therapy to children in need of early intervention. As a Speech Language Pathologist at Sunny Days, you should expect to:

  • Teach each child proper speech, reading, and writing techniques, and other communication methods.
  • Coach parents on techniques, treatment reinforcement, and carryover home activities
  • Provide the necessary resources for additional treatment or care
  • Reassessment
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