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  • Sunny Days, Inc. Early Intervention Program was selected as one of the recipients of the SNJREIC's Service Recognition Award for 2016.

    Congratulations! On behalf of the SNJREIC Board Trustees, I am pleased to share that the Sunny Days, Inc. Early Intervention Program was selected as one of the recipients of the SNJREIC's Service Recognition Award for 2016. This rotating service award recognizes the efforts and dedication of your staff to help the children and families within the southern region." The award was presented by Jennifer Buzby, REIC Executive Director.

    Sunny Days receives Early Intervention Services

    From Left to Right: Jacquie Jupin-Manzi, RNC, CE; Marisa LaMonte-Paulsen, RA; Donna Maher, Co-CEO; Karen Olanrewaju, Program Director; Dr. Carola d'Emery, CE

  • Scott Lehshin Lindsey Hilsen recieve award

    20th Anniversary Luncheon and Awards Ceremony Alliance for the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities

    At their recent anniversary celebration luncheon, ABCD invited it’s member partners to share in the celebration of individuals who demonstrate the vision and values of ABCD and the EIPA, Early Intervention Provider Association. Selected individuals were recognized for their exceptional commitment to the disability community, exemplifying person centered thinking in their everyday interactions with children and families with disabilities and who support choices and promote full community inclusion.

    Mr. Scott Leshin, President and Founder of SJ Personal Healthcare Advocates, received an Honorable Mention on behalf of the Alex Gallione Family, for his tireless efforts in advocating for the special needs and medically fragile community.

    Dr. Lindsay Hilsen, Clinical Educator at Sunny Days, Inc. was awarded the Early Intervention Professional Practitioner Award. Dr. Hilsen is responsible for trainings related to autism/behavior/ABA. She also supports practitioners by conducting observations and consultations. She currently holds a doctorate in education, two masters degrees in education, two teaching certifications, a NJ supervisor's certification and is a board-certified behavior analyst. Dr. Hilsen is an internationally published author of two curriculums designed for children on the autism spectrum.

  • Sunny Days Completes Its Acquisition of Ages & Stages

    ages and states

    Sunny Days, Inc., a national leader in Early Intervention service provision, is excited to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Ages & Stages, LLP and is looking forward to serving the Mid-Hudson area. Ages & Stages has been a leader in providing Early Intervention and Preschool therapy services in the Mid-Hudson area for over 15 years.

  • Joyce Salzberg, Founder and CEO of Sunny Days
    was inducted into Temple University's League for Entrepreneurial Women on Monday, October 28. Congratulations, Joyce!


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