New Jersey Family Welcome Packet / Información Para Las Familias de New Jersey

Sunny Days Early Childhood Developmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality evaluative and therapeutic developmental experiences to children with learning challenges and their families. Our family-centered approach to childhood developmental services involves you in every step of your child's developmental program.

As an organization that prides itself in providing a range of innovative early intervention options, Sunny Days offers families developmental services through telehealth. Telehealth is here to stay in the early childhood development community, and we're happy to be pioneers in this method of special delivery by offering online coaching sessions with full video and audio features. We also offer a hybrid approach to services that include in-person sessions along with telehealth, to fit the changing needs of your individual family.

Our highly-trained and specialized practitioners are early intervention experts. However, no one knows your child and his or her needs as well as you do. We work closely with your family to promote your child's development to its absolute fullest potential. Let's help your child. Let's do it together.

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