Infants and toddlers learn differently than older children do. You can't force intensive testing on toddlers and hope to learn anything about who they are and what they need to grow. Sunny Days does things differently. Our licensed child and behavioral therapists use family-centered, play-based developmental evaluations to learn about your child. Our therapists are highly educated professionals with years of clinical experience, but they don't know your child – yet. They'll work with you to determine the exact developmental delays that your child faces so that a therapy program that addresses your child's unique needs can be created.

Our family-centered, play-based evaluations and assessments first identify your child's functional level in each developmental area. We're serious about involving the family in every step of the process, so we also explore your family's resources, priorities, and concerns for your child. With the information gathered from the evaluations/assessments and your family, a Sunny Days practitioner will be able to identify the supports and services necessary for enhancing your family's ability to meet your infant or toddler's developmental needs.

You know how to help your child, and we know how to help children with developmental delays. Together, we'll help your child achieve his or her fullest potential.

What Is the Developmental Evaluation Process Like?

Play activities and toys allow our child development and behavioral professionals to accurately assess a child's strengths and areas of developmental concern. We also interview parents and look at each child's history, and we gather information from family members, social workers, medical providers, and educators. This assessment process allows our practitioners to make strategy recommendations that address each child's specific area(s) of concern.

It's important to remember that the assessment is not a one-time process. Children learn and change constantly, and no two children follow the same developmental path. Our therapists and other professionals observe children's progress and compare it to their family's goals on an ongoing basis.

It may sound overwhelming to some families, but we make evaluations and assessments fun and easy through play activities. Contact us today to learn more.