Our commitment here at Sunny Days, Inc. is to serve our clients with professionalism and caring.  We want to vigorously protect the privacy and security of all Protected Health Information (PHI).

During the course of serving your interests, it may be necessary to share information with other health care providers or business associates. The following are examples of instances where information may be shared:

  • During treatment, we may find it necessary to acquire a specialized study (such as a swallow study).
  • For payment purpose we may use the services of a billing service and or billing clearing house software.
  • During health care operations, we may need a specialized evaluation and/or consultation services.

We at Sunny Days, Inc. are committed to obeying all Federal, State and Local Laws and regulations regarding Privacy Practices. If any other uses or disclosures other than the ones listed above are needed, information will only be released with your written authorization (parent or legal guardian of a minor). This written authorization may be revoked at any time by the individual, (parent, or legal guardian of a minor) as provided by law.

  • Information will not be released over the phone.  The caller shall be instructed to make a request in writing and provide the necessary authorization with the written request.  Assistance shall be given to callers to guide them in complying with details of a proper authorization.
  • Oral request made in person shall not be honored.  Assistance in providing a written request and necessary authorization shall be given.
  • This office will not disclose information regarding a child without obtaining written authorization.  The authorization must come from the child’s parent or a child’s legal guardian or conservator.  If the authorization is signed by a guardian or conservator, he/she must submit evidence such as a Power of Attorney, Court Order, etc., that he/she has the power to authorize the release of medical information.
  • Release without the Patient’s Consent:  It is the policy of this office not to require a valid authorization, signed by the patient, before releasing information to the following:
  • Peer reviewer;
  • Licensing or Accreditation surveyors;
  • County Coroner;
  • Other healthcare practitioners currently treating the patient in emergency situations;
  • Public Health Department for follow up on communicable diseases;
  • Records containing information pertaining to alcohol or drug abuse are subject to special protection under federal regulations.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your Protected Health
Information, feel free to contact our Office Manager at 732-761-0088.