At Sunny Days Early Childhood Developmental Services, Inc., we're dedicated to providing quality evaluative and therapeutic developmental experiences to children with developmental delays and their families. We provide early intervention services to children ages 0-3, and our family-centered approach to childhood developmental services involves you in every step of your child's early intervention program.

A child's family is the most integral and significant driver of progress in his or her early life, and Sunny Days' caring and experienced therapists are here to work with your family to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

Sunny Days Early Childhood Intervention Services

Early intervention service is an approach to therapy for children with developmental delays. Sunny Days early intervention programs reach children when they are at their youngest years: birth to age three. Our goal is to foster the child's family's ability to promote the child's development to its highest possible level. These services empower family members to incorporate support strategies into their child's daily routines, which is a proven method of maximizing the child's ability to actively participate in his or her environment.

Early intervention is different from other forms of childhood therapy, in that the child's developmental delay is being addressed before starting primary schooling. Children's brains develop the most during years zero through three, meaning every child has the most to gain by receiving therapy during these formative years. By reaching children early, we give them the opportunity to catch up to their peers, so they're ready to interact with them once they enter the preschool environment.

Early intervention closes the gap before school begins and requires less time to unlock children's true potential than therapy sought later in life. Your child's development is crucial to his or her success, and together we'll give them help that's worthy of just how special and precious they truly are.

Sunny Days Early Intervention Programs

Sunny Days provides early intervention services to thousands of American children and their families through the five states  we serve: California, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our founders believe that it should be easy for families to get their child the help he or she needs to unlock the potential that’s inside of him or her, so we offer a variety of therapy options for your child.

We offer you the opportunity to choose which of the following locations and environments works best for you and your child:

  • Daycare
  • Preschool
  • In-Home
  • Schools