Dear Sunny Days,

My name is Natalie. My son John started in speech therapy shortly after his 2nd birthday when he seemed like there was a delay with his speech. John was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. It was a terribly difficult time for my husband and I. John is now speaking in sentences, his articulation is better, he still has his struggles, but he is doing things we didn't expect him to be able to do for years.

We can't help but be grateful for Sue, whom planted this first seed of success. I am fully confident that a large reason for John's success is because of the Early Intervention that he received with Sue. My husband & I take John's condition very seriously & emotionally, this was very hard on us. Sue offered emotional support, guidance & love. She gave us advice & talked to us about how to cope with the social aspect of this condition. Sue told us not to compare John's speech to other children that didn't have speech problems, but to compare John to where his speech was when we first started. There are times even now that my husband & I remind each other of that, when we hear John struggle with his words. John's speech disorder has been the main reason for my sadness & now it is my joy. Although my heart wishes that I never knew Sue or what Apraxia of Speech is, I know that at John's core, his progress has a lot to do with her knowledge, intelligence & her kindness. Sue is a friend & an angel. She helped my child achieve his full potential. She helped mold a once non verbal child, into a beautiful, talkative angel. She helped change all of our lives.

I just wanted to share this wonderful news about yours staff and thank you so much for the services that you provide.

Dear Sunny Days,

Danielle Dunn is an Occupational Therapist serving families in Delaware County

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize one of your star Occupational Therapists, Danielle Dunn, who has worked with my 13 month old son, John, for the past 7 months. My husband and I are so thankful she is a part of John’s life. In addition to introducing stellar therapeutic techniques each week, Danielle has boundless energy and patience for our feisty son. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to John. In addition to providing OT services, Danielle has assisted with feeding, even going so far as attending a 3 hour consult with CHOP’s feeding clinic to give a fair assessment of the techniques we tried to overcome his aversions. She insisted a vision specialist from Overbrook School of the Blind be brought in for a consult (John has bilateral congenial glaucoma) to help her modify her techniques (the consultant now comes 1x per month). She is always thinking outside the box, is pointed with her feedback, and is always encouraging.

Since Danielle came to us, John has come so far. He’s within the normal range developmentally, eating well, and smiles when he sees his girlfriend for therapy ever week.

Danielle is just amazing and so dedicated to John’s success. I don’t think we could have gotten thru the past year without her.

Dear Sunny Days,

The following was a blog post on www.themomoftheyear.net posted by the mother of a child our full-time PT, Mimi Dunckley, was serving:

We LOVE Mimi. After a really horrendous experience with my 2 yr. old son breaking his leg and subsequently being unable to walk, we managed to find our way to the Chester County Early Intervention Unit. After a semi-complicated process, we were led to our beloved Mimi, our personal angel/in-home physical therapist who comes to our home once a week to guide my son through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and build his leg muscles. She is a genius. I don’t care that she went to school for this stuff. Regardless of what she “learned”, she is here every week in my home rockin’ it out with a 2 yr. old who is more often grouchy and fussy than not and still manages to engage him. This takes tremendous savvy that very few persons on this earth have. I adore her. I want to ask her to permanently to move in and become part of my family and love on my son. But I suppose for now I will just have to settle on blog-proclaiming my love for her and the amazing work she has done for my child. Thank you, Mimi–we adore you.


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