Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a general term that is commonly used to refer to many different developmental delays, which the medical community calls "autism spectrum disorders" or "pervasive development disorders."

Children with autism have difficulty playing, imagining, relating, communicating, interacting, and learning due to their condition. Autism spectrum disorder directly impacts the manner in which a child's brain functions. If autism treatment services aren't sought out at an early age, the child's ability to function at a high level can degrade as the child grows because of the way in which autism affects how children's brains develop over time.

Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder

At Sunny Days, we provide children and their families with "early intervention" to address the child's specific needs relation to the autism diagnosis. Early Intervention simply means that we help parents identify any possible developmental delay in their child before he or she reaches the age of three. The human mind experiences incredible amounts of growth during the first three years of a child's life, which makes it critical to assess and begin treating any potential developmental delays during these years.

In order to best assess and treat children who have or may have autism spectrum disorder, Sunny Days involves someone whom the child will be most comfortable around: you. We take a family-centered, play-based approach to our autism program because it allows us to monitor your child in his or her most natural and comfortable environment.

Every child plays and learns differently, and so does every family. The best time to learn about and help your child is when everyone is happy and at ease. We offer in-home, community center, nursery school, and virtual (online) autism program options to your family. We also offer center-based services where you and your child can participate in a variety of therapy options.

Let us know what option is best for your family, and we'll be happy to make it available to you. We can't help your child alone, but together there is so much we can learn about him or her. Through play-based evaluations we can identify indicators that may point to an autism spectrum disorder and help your child develop to his or her fullest possible potential.

Come play with us. Come help your child with us.