Sunny Days® Early Childhood Services

Sunny Days Developmental Intervention and Therapy Services

Sunny Days provides a variety of developmental intervention and therapy services to families in California, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania via both direct requests for help and from referrals. Referral sources include schools, hospitals, doctors and parents.

Sunny Days Individual Home & Community-Based Services

Individual Home & Community-Based Services services provided in your home or in settings that typically developing children attend. Supports are provided to assist the child and family in reaching their full potential in their natural environments.

Sunny Days Early Childhood Services

Sunny Days Occupational Therapy
helps better enable children to carry out daily living activities through therapeutically engaging in everyday activities. Occupational therapy can help children close the gaps in their abilities and/or learn new ones.

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Sunny Days Physical Therapy
customized movement exercises help children to overcome delays, impairments and disabilities. Therapists evaluate the child and diagnose precisely what needs to be addressed before assisting them in gaining a higher level of movement and functioning ability.

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Sunny Days Speech Therapy
disabilities, strokes, brain injuries and other neurological issues can cause children to suffer from speech delays. Sunny Days helps them to improve their speech development by teaching them to speak clearly and cohesively.

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Sunny Days Developmental Intervention/Special Instruction
educates children and coaches families using methodologies that are specifically designed to address each child's unique learning requirements. We specialize in providing evidence-based strategies for children on the Autism Spectrum to address challenging behaviors and unique learning needs.

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Sunny Days Independent Initial Eligibility Evaluations
targeted evaluation teams comprised of highly trained evaluators will determine the child's developmental levels that may qualify them for state-funded EIP services and supports.

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Sunny Days Family-Centered Play-Based Evaluations
Sunny Days provides developmental evaluations in a manner that involves the child's family and keeps the child interested by implementing play-based elements.

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Sunny Days Specific Assessments
provided for fine motor, gross motor, speech, feeding, oral/motor, cognition, social-emotional development and challenging behaviors.

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Sunny Days Consultative Services
practitioners will provide professional consultation to existing therapists already working with your child and family on your desired outcomes.

Sunny Days Translation Services
translation for a variety of spoken foreign languages to enhance families' understanding of therapeutic activities and strategies being offered during individual sessions.

Sunny Days Nursing and Social Work Assessments
the first step in the social work/nursing process, assessment requires a Nurse or Social Worker to collect information related to the patient's physiological, spiritual, sociological and psychological status. This process can involve interviews, referrals, surveys and/or questionnaires.

Sunny Days Recommendations for Adaptive Equipment & Assistive Technology
oftentimes childhood therapy requires the usage of special equipment or technology to assist in the therapy process. Sunny Days is able to advise families as to what type of equipment and/or technology will be most useful in helping their children.

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Sunny Days Private Home-Based Therapy
available for children ages birth through 18, home-based therapy is an option that allows us to work with your child and family in the place where you are most comfortable: your own home.