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Sunny Days is always looking for the next bright addition to our team of therapists, administrators and other child education professionals. Tell us why it should be you!


Our Services

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Sunny Days provides developmental intervention and therapy services to children and their families in California, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.


Sunshine Center

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A development center for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays, the Sunshine Center offers a safe, therapeutic environment in which children can learn and grow.


Virtual Intervention

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Also known as teleintervention, our virtual intervention services are available online with full video and audio communications tools.


"Sunny Days can train your Early Intervention Practitioners in Telepractice methodology during this global pandemic.
Please contact us on our contact page for additional information."

Contact Us

Contact Us



Sunny Days Early Childhood Developmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality evaluative and therapeutic developmental experiences to children with learning disabilities and their families. Our family-centered approach to childhood developmental services involves you in every step of your child's developmental program.

Our highly trained and specialized therapists are early intervention experts. However, no one knows your child and his or her needs as well as you do. We work closely with each family to promote the child's development to its absolute fullest potential. Let's help your child. Let's do it together.

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At Sunny Days, we make our early intervention services available to all families. Our services are available (even during non-traditional hours and holidays) in a variety of settings: in-home, learning centers , community centers, nursery schools and virtual centers (online).

We rely on the latest technology and techniques to make sure your little one always receives the most comprehensive and effective care in the world. Our diverse staff of clinical educators is specialized in a full-array of therapeutic disciplines and includes an autism specialist BCBA.

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About Sunny Days

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Collegiate Scholarship Announcement
A scholarship at Temple University is endowed in the name of Joyce K. Salzberg from the College of Liberal Arts. The scholarship is available for single parents to apply with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.



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