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Special Education Teachers help children with developmental delays by providing their parents and caregivers with strategies to help the child close the gap in their overall development. A Special educator understands early childhood development and how children in this age range learn best. They will work with each family or caregiver to look at challenging routines and provide specific strategies that will help them reach their family’s goals.

Special Education and Early Intervention

Children with developmental delays normally interact with special education teachers once they begin attending school. For those children who aren’t old enough to be in school, a special education teacher can assist other service providers by reinforcing strategies through routine-based learning activities. Since birth to age three is the most important time for a child’s brain development, special education teachers are invaluable in supporting the services of other early intervention providers.

At Sunny Days, children in need of early intervention receive home-based intervention services. Special education teachers at Sunny Days can expect to:

  • Work with a team of early intervention professionals to support the needs of the child
  • Work together with families and the other professionals in evaluating children and planning intervention services that meet the developmental needs of each child
  • Prepare progress reports for each child on a regular basis
  • Coach parents in activities they can incorporate into their daily routines
  • Participate in appropriate play-based activities with the child
  • Discuss service options with the parents and/or caregivers of each child to determine next steps
  • Create activities that promote the development of language, speech and social skills, and/or motor skills
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of the child to ensure the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is effective
  • Recommend the necessary resources for additional services and support transition to other programs after the child turns 3 years of age.
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