Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) assist children with behavioral challenges by designing behavior plans based on evidence-based strategies to improve their overall behavior. A BCBA will meet with the child and their parents then gather information about the child, assess the child’s specific behaviors, and formulate strategies to change the behavior to the target behavior established with the parents.

Behavior Analysis and Early Intervention

Unaddressed behavioral problems in children can lead to a lifetime of behavior issues, so it’s important to take appropriate steps early in a child’s life. The most important years for brain development are birth to three, so early intervention is crucial to addressing behavioral problems as the child grows rather than when the child is older.

Sunny Days provides home-based behavior therapy to children in need of early intervention. As a BCBA at Sunny Days, you should expect to:

  • Gather initial information about the child through interviews with parents and consulting with them to help choose a target behavior
  • Perform initial evaluations of children through formal testing and observation of the child’s behavior and environment
  • Record detailed results of initial evaluations
  • Evaluate the results of your initial evaluations to determine factors influencing the child’s behavior
  • Communicate your results and clinical findings with the child’s parents to identify problem areas affecting the child’s behavior
  • Discuss treatment options with the parents and/or caregivers of each child to determine next steps
  • Formulate treatment plans for each child that incorporate proven evidence-based strategies that will help achieve the target behavior
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of the child to ensure the behavior plan is effective. If the plan needs improvement, then modifications will be made to ensure success
  • Coach parents on techniques, treatment reinforcement, and carryover home activities
  • Recommend the necessary resources for additional treatment or care


Sunny Days is currently seeking exceptional early intervention professionals in multiple specialty areas. Candidates must possess state-specific professional licenses and experience in pediatric care. Testing tool ownership is required, and experience with home-based service delivery and working with caregivers is expected. BCBAs must also have proper certification from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

As a BCBA at Sunny Days, you'll conduct developmental assessments and provide IFSP services and intervention strategies for children ages birth to three with behavioral problems. If you are interested in working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for a financially strong, continuously growing, and progressive company, apply to one of our open BCBA positions today.