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The primary role of a physical therapist is to provide care to those children with physical functional problems related to injuries or other conditions. The care administered by you as a physical therapist is fundamental to promoting mobility in these children and improving their quality of life. Using your clinical expertise, the child will be observed and evaluated in order to diagnose specific physical or developmental delay. After a diagnosis is made, a plan of care is created which will utilize a variety of techniques in order to promote mobility.

Physical Therapy and Early Intervention

The most important years for physical growth in children are birth to age three. Brain development is most critical during these years, so a developmentally-delayed child benefits the most from early intervention as soon as possible.

Sunny Days provides home-based physical therapy to children in need of early intervention. As a Physical Therapist at Sunny Days, you should expect to:

  • Examine children through proven tests that measure attention, cognition, nerve integrity, body mechanics, balance, mobility, and other physical limitations.
  • Evaluate the results of your tests to diagnose areas for improvement in each child
  • Communicate with other Sunny Days staff members to identify other areas for improvement
  • Communicate with the parents and/or caregivers of each child to incorporate strategies into their daily routines
  • Develop a plan of care for each child that includes established therapy strategies and techniques
  • Provide instruction to each child demonstrating the techniques established in the plan of care
  • Educate parents on reinforcement and early intervention information
  • Provide the necessary recommendations for additional treatment
  • Reassessment
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