J Frankel

Josh Frankel,

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Frankel has over 25 years of experience in structured deals, with over a decade in both the energy industry and corporate real estate.

Mr. Frankel joined Sunny Days in 2011, and he is responsible for leading the development and execution of its strategic and development plans. Prior to joining Sunny Days, Josh worked for Duke Energy as Manager of Pricing and Structuring, where he developed Duke’s capabilities in competitor analysis, and also played lead roles in strategic planning, identifying development opportunities and in the negotiation, pricing, structuring and execution of energy contracts, some of which had face values over $1 billion. He previously held similar positions with The Williams Companies and American Electric Power. Mr. Frankel’s corporate real estate experience includes leasing and acquisitions with Helmsley-Spear and Baum Realty Group. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from Williams College.